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9 hours ago, Brownthunder93 said:

Anyone have any idea where I can get a replacement counterweight bar/shaft for my EQ5 mount? 

Hello and welcome to SGL. AstroBoot usually have these, you could also place a wanted ad in the wanted section

Wanted - Stargazers Lounge or check this advert

Eq5 for parts + dual axis sell - For Sale / Swap - Stargazers Lounge


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    • By Arshad Wali Muhammad
      I need reviews on Celestron CGX L. Is it a good mount ? My scope is Celestron cpc EdgeHD 1100. 
      reliabilty ?
      disconnetions ?
      tracking ? 
      My current mount is Celestron Alt Azm Mount and  I have all my accessories from Celestron like focus motor, Starsense, Skyportal, All Star Polar. Allignment etc, these have made my life very easy. Else I do have option to buy ioptron CEM70 but I’m not familiar with the product but most of my Celestron accessories which can be connected to CGXL will go in waste. 
      Secondly how important is the GPS that I will have to buy separately because CGXL doesn’t have built in. 

      Thirdly I can buy CGXL without mount. Is there any way I can fit this on to my current Alt Azm Mount? Or Pier. I can easily save 1100 USD. 
      Right now my Telescope is fitted on the Alt Azm Mount and giving me lots of disconnections on WiFi. That’s the problems I am facing. If it’s no more in new CGX L I would go for it. 
      im confused. 
    • By Marpic
      I've recently obtained a second hand TQ5 equatorial mount and tripod, motorised in both RA & Dec, but unfortunately without the hand controller. Both motors have individual RJ12 (?) type power connections.
      I tried connecting a Celestron dual axis G4 controller (Celestron CG4 mount looks almost identical!), which is working fine on the Celestron mount, and I can hear the digital pulses clicking the TQ5 motors, but no movemement!
      Upon opening the units for closer inspection, the TQ5 motors are simply oscillating tiny movements back and forth and not rotating.
      Can anyone suggest a hand control unit that may operate a dual axis motorised TQ5 correctly?
      Many thanks in advance.

    • By kman42
      I've seen a Celestron FI 130 come up locally for pretty cheap. Had a close look at it, and since it has a dovetail mount I can remove the scope and put my DSLR rack on it. The aluminium legs are very slightly wobbly, but I'm pretty sure I can stiffen the tripod with a few extra bracing members. At first glance it looks like a cheap and easy way of getting motorised tracking for my Astrophotography, but my main question is how good is the tracking on the mount? Is it accurate enough for wide field Astrophotography up to about a 400mm lens? 
    • By WiltsStarGazer
      Just got a s/h EQ5 go-to mount and am trying to align the polar scope.
      The guy I bought it from used a Pole Master camera for polar alignment and I thing he had removed the polar scope to use that.
      The problem I am having, apart from having no manuals and being unable to find any online, is the target in is not in 'clock' position, i.e. 0 at the top 6 at the bottom, when the mount is in 'home' position, and therefore I can't see how I can polar align, and I not can't see a way to adjust it to what I think is the correct position.
      Also the green 24 hour clock ring is very loose even though the polar scope is fully screwed in, is there something missing from the slot underneath, ( please see photos attached)?
      I can understand adjusting the three screws to center the polar scope in the mount and I think I can work out actual polar alignment, there are enough videos on line for that but this has me stumped.
      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • By chrobakx
      This is Celestron cg3 mount suitable for any telescope tube with vixen dovetail.
      Load capacity is approximately up to 4 kg
      Condition is used, but in very good shape. 
      It's comcompletely with 3d printed levelling plate, under tray for accessories, slow motion and locking knobs.
      Mount was completely stripped down, removed factory sticky grease and applied proper grease where applicable.
      Price: £90
      I can post it by Hermes or DPD if you are happy to pay for postage.
      I'll accept PayPal as family/friends or commercial if you'll pay the 3% fee.

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