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The Pleiades


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FSQ 106 with .6x reducer and ASI 1600 mm cool pro with a few hours of luminance from the np101is and STT 8300..  About 20 hours of data.  

Lum 924 30sec subs (FSQ) 22600sec subs (np101is)

Red 325 30 sec

green 356 30 sec

Blue 337 30 sec


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7 hours ago, Ronclarke said:

That's brilliant, 20 hours of data eh? 

Thanks Ron--yeah, 30 sec subs were no fun--filled up my computer and my external hard drive.  CMOS definitely has its drawbacks.  The 3 hours of CCD I added to lum were very noticeable

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2 minutes ago, Jannis said:

That's a really really nice picture! :)

May i ask, why only 30 sec subs?

Thank you---with CMOS short subs are common.  The camera is very sensitive and it does not take long for the signal to exceed the various noises.  Its a different style of imaging.  And I only sort of followed the protocol.  If you look at the recommended sub length chart for the ASI 1600, my focal length, and my sky, I think the recommended sub length is something like 4-6 seconds.  That would result in 6x the number of subs.  Not for me.

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31 minutes ago, tooth_dr said:

Good to see you back Rodd.  I prefer M45 like this with a bit of space around it.  My M45s always looks crammed in.

Thanks Doc. I agree, a shorter focal is better. Same for M42 I think

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