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Earliest brief recorded film of a transit of Venus across the Sun in 1874.

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Hi SGL Photographers ... just bumped into this ... on Youtube .... recordings of the earliest films ever made .... No. 1 is ‘Passage de Venus’ dated as 1874. Thought some might be interested. 
Transit across Sun (cut v.short I’m afraid to say) ..... It starts just 0.39 seconds into this clip.

There appears to be a rather odd bubble bulge on the right hand side of the planet .... I thought it might be a film surface artefact, or a lensing effect at first ... but I noticed it appears to be ‘glued to the Planet’ as it transits?? A bit odd.
Can anyone explain what it might be?

Here’s a long shot suggestion if the planet had a ‘pimple’ back then  .... remember the large plume on Jupiter’s  moon, Io? ....spraying into space creating an optical ‘bulge effect’ at a distance. Possibly a serious surface emission event happening on Venus at that time?
As I said, ... a long shot!🥴
Guess Venus Transit stills taken by astronomers in 1874 which are lodged in an Archive somewhere will confirm if it’s some sort of ‘photographic distortion’? - A bit weird. 🤔Can anyone give advice on this?

The Io example.

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