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Looking forward to receiving my 102MC in the next few days/weeks depending on supply. Does anyone have any experience, tips/advice?  Looks like a good grab and go particularity for planetary observation - interesting “next generation” mount. 

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    • By tompato
      So I have had these Skywatcher Slow Motion Cables for all of 5 minutes and after the damn thing fell off the a second time in as many minutes I tightened it better and the screw sheared off. Fantastic. Any ideas? Drill it out I guess? Send angry correspondence to Skywatcher.
      Its now stuck to my Scopetech Mount Zero.

    • By StarlightX
      Hi everyone,
      so I have a Celestron Astromaster 130eq, but I have 1 part missing. It is as shown in the picture,, I don’t know the name of the thing. Please help me, if anyone know what it is... plz comment..

    • By Maideneer
      For the life of me, I cannot figure this out.  Got to take out my setup last night for only the second time as it's been cloudy for weeks and I've been trying in vain to align my Skywatcher AZ-GTi mount to no avail.  I'm using it in ALT-AZ mode for now, and I've probably researched every article and watched every Youtube vid I could find and still nothing is working...I feel like I'm stupidly dense or something because there is something just not clicking in the cranium.
      I thought I was supposed to point the dang thing north to start so that's what I did, err, I think anyway.  Am I pointing the wrong end north? See picture.  Also, I'm reading that the actual scope has to be mounted a certain way on the mount correct?  Which way would that be?  I've read all of this left/right stuff and those directionals mean nothing to me as it depends on someone's viewpoint.  When I aimed north to start, I attempted to align by directing SynScan to go to the Moon first, and that took it so far off course it wasn't even close, it was basically pointing at the ground.  I reset and tried again with another start (Vega I believe)...again, wasn't even in the realm of close.  I made sure my location settings were correct in the app so that wasn't the issue.
      Here's how I got something to "work".  I had it track to the moon and when it was essentially pointing at the ground and who knows how many degrees from my actual target, I picked the whole thing up, turned it around, manually aligned to the moon and then clicked OK on the app.  I felt like a ridiculous clown doing that but somehow it actually managed to do the trick but something tells me that isn't right on a long term basis.
      I'm thinking about getting SkySafari to control the mount but I should probably master the basics first.
      Tips/tricks appreciated.

    • By Geordie mc
      Skywatcher illuminated reticule eyepiece. It has a red crosshair pattern. I think it’s 24mm rather than the newer 12.5mm models. Great condition. Looking for £35 including postage from France. Thanks.

    • By StargazerUK
      Hi All,
      I am currently researching which setup to purchase as my first proper scope (once they are back in stock).
      I thought I had settled on the Skywatcher Explorer 130ps AZ GTi but then I saw the Skywatcher Star Discovery 150i for just a little more money.
      Could anyone please tell me the difference between the 2 OTA's (other than the different aperture size), and also the difference between the 2 mounts?
      I realise that the AZ GTi can be modified to run in EQ mode whereas the Star Discovery can't.
      Can the Star Discovery view all the way to the zenith or does the OTA catch the mount or tripod before it gets there?
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