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Using ASI224mc with Astromaster 130

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I am new to AP and wanted to start small. I am interested in capturing planets and the easy to view DSOs.

I read that folk have used the ASI224mc with the SW130P, so wondering if it would work with the Celestron 130. I have a HQ5 Pro mount for better stability and tracking. For those unfamiliar with the Celestron 130 - its a newtonian with 650mm focal length and 130mm mirror (not parabolic, I know 🙂 ).

Any help appreciated.

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I'm not sure even though using a astro camera rather than a DSLR if you might need a barlow still in order to reach infinity focus with your specific telescope. A barlow is a help when aiming at a planet but isn't favourable for DSOs as it would shrink the fov further.

Have a look at the FOV calculator a link is on this website to see the effect you'd get.

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Measuring the amount of spare focuser inward travel available with the ASI224mc camera is straightforward: remove the eyepiece and stick a piece of white translucent paper across the focuser eyepiece flange. Then focus on a very distant object (the Moon is perfect, even during the day. Not the Sun). When in focus the image will be seen in focus on the paper.

Now measure the amount of spare inward travel of the focuser. The flange to sensor distance of the ASI224mc is 12.5mm. Subtract this value (12.5mm) from the amount of spare inward travel previously measured. If the result is a positive value (very likely) the ASI224mc will come to focus with the scope.

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