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Hey Fellow Cumbrians


2 new members in a week- can this group survive the excitement?  lol- Hello guys/gals and those who are not so sure.... new to this game and thought I would poke my nose in and stir the silt... Obviously with the nasty C we are not able to actually gather in geeky groups , let alone look in one another's finders. So where do the faithful go to ply their secret pastime locally other than behind closed doors or gardens? I find we are luckier than most with fairly low bortle skies within striking distance - so come on spill the beans suggest where I can go within 1/2 hours drive  of Carlisle to point my scope ???

with tongue firmly in cheek....cheers fellow enthusiasts



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Gosh the tumbleweed is indeed evident on this Club site which is a shame- maybe all the astronomers in northern cumbria have been hunted to near extinction- never fear once this perfidious lockdown has ended I will sally forth to seek out and explore strange new sites and boldy go where no newbie astronomer has gone before (obviously in Cumbria)........que the music!!

I know I know I have issues lol



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