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IKO - DWB 111 Propellor Nebula - Processing Competition

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Lovely data, as has been mentioned the Sii is cracking!  Not much processing required when its this good - just a few curves to get the colour how I liked, HDRWavelets and a teeny bit of noise reduction and finally, fixed the magenta stars.


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Thanks for supplying the data. Here's my go at processing it in Pixinsight:


Hope you like it!


Televue-85, WO RedCat 51, LX200 10";    HEQ5-Pro, Star Adventurer Pro;    ZWO ASI183MM Pro, Canon Rebel T3i Astro modded;    Pixinsight, SG Pro, Affinity Photo, PHD2

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Here's my attempt using PixInsight


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I have thrown caution to the wind and the rule book out of the window and possibly created a new pallet!! 😉 

Stretched the 3 images, combined the channels using HSO!!  Ha to Red, SII to Green and OIII to Blue. Removed the stars with Starnet, Tweaked Curves, TGV Denoise with the lightest of touches, Unsharp mask - again hardly at all. Morphological transformation on the stars to knock them back a bit, boosted the very faint colour and added them back in to the colour image at 80% using PixelMath. Altered the orientation as I felt it looks better and portrait images are unusual in astronomy (as is the pallet!!).

Saved as TIFF for full res and JPEG for ease of viewing.

Final version with stars.jpg

Final version with stars.tif

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A huge thank you to to FLO & IKO for this, weather has been awful here so was great to have some quality data to work with.


Each channel
Small stretch with HistogramTransformation

Create SuperLum using all 3 starless images
Balance channels with HistogramTransformation

PixelMath to combine as SHO
LRGB Combination using SuperLum
Remove magenta stars with "Invert->SCNR->Invert"

Stars layer
PixelMath to combine each channel (before starnet) for stars image
Several Small stretches via HistogramTransformation to keep stars tight with good colour
PhotometricColorCalibration for star colour and background neutralisation (narrowband mode)
Curves (saturation)

Combine nebula & stars with PixelMath

Export to Photoshop

sharpening (unsharpmask)

Adjust contrast, colour and saturation to taste

slight amount of Topaz DeNoize AI applied to darkest areas
Rotate image to my preference for the best view.


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Super data no warts to fix or hide.

First run process StarTools 1.7.450a GPU. Compose and loaded the three files as RGB and auto generated synthetic luminance. Bin 50%, Crop and trimmed 20 pixels off all round. Wipe as narrow band. Auto dev HDR and reveal DS core. Contrast just subtle 5%. Mask created then Decon. Mask created then Minimal Sharp. Colour RGB:GRB. Mask created then Shrink on tighten stars. Tracking off and Denoise. Layer and invert fg. Colour and cap green 100%. Layer and invert foreground. Save. Irfanview to then save the tiff as png for upload.




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