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Is it just the mount or are you powering eg dew straps , cameras etc 


Initially I used the Maplin supply 

but then upgraded to the big brother Yaesu , but it powers everything , dew heaters , mount , cameras and LED lighting in my observatory.


They come up for sale 2nd hand now and then , I bought mine 2nd hand.

Skywatcher mounts tend to run better on a 13.8 supply



80477791 mini.jpg

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It is just the mount, ideally was looking for the uk version of this: Schumacher PC-6 70 Watts 12V AC to DC Power Converter with (1) 12V DC Port Plugs into 12V AC Outlet which was recommended by Skywatcher  on various  US posts.  Thank i will have a look at above, would 5A 60W be suitable ?

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I would try to avoid the big cigarette lighter plugs if you can , they are not as good as turret connectors.


There are many suitable supplies around , you wont have to look too far to get one if its just for the mount.

Anything that can deliver 5 amps will do but I suggest going slightly larger so you can add a dew heater or camera at a later stage.


The smaller ones with just thin cable out to a DC plug are generally not as good as they struggle to deliver full voltage through such thin cables when the mount slews with both RA and DEC motors at the same time.

(The high current when motors kick in makes the voltage dip at the mount end which  can upset tracking)


You can also power from a large leisure battery and avoid the need for mains (except to charge the battery now and then) , handy if you need to use away from home.



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Just now, Grierson said:

If it is mains power then the Nevada PS-08 from FLO will do all you need!

+1 for the Nevada PS-08 for indoor (I run it indoor and use 5m cables to outside), a short ring-tongue to Cigarette Lighter socket is also a useful purchase in combination.

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