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Lobster Claw, Bubble and Lagoon walk into a bar...

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In what was my final image with the Optolong L-eXtreme filter before I had to send it back to FLO, I turned it over to Cassiopeia. I knew that the Lobster Claw nebula was hiding there somewhere by using Telescopius and framing it that way (since it doesn't show in Stellarium). I realised that with the field of view achieved by the 80ED, reducer and 071mc Pro I could fit no less than 4, possibly 5 or even 6 DSOs in one frame. I love this part of the night sky. 

The final image is composed of 31 x 300 second exposures, gain 95 at -5c. I ended up using the wrong dark frames by accident to calibrate it, and in all honesty I was too lazy to go shoot the right dark frames and re-edit it. So I just cropped out any nasty parts and edited it as normal. Not great practice I know but I really didn't get enough time with this target anyway.

Either way I'm sharing the result and I hope you enjoy it!

Clear skies all, keep looking up & keep them cameras clicking


Lobster Claw Stack Edit 1.jpg

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I keep seeing these amazing L-enhance and L-extreme images and I'm sorely tempted! 

Thanks for sharing this.


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A great image, well done.  I hope to train my scope on that area sometime next year.  

2 hours ago, Synchronicity said:

I keep seeing these amazing L-enhance and L-extreme images and I'm sorely tempted! 

Thanks for sharing this.


I purchased an L-Extreme a couple of months ago, and I would recommend it.  It is great for when the moon is out and have now managed to create my first HOO image by manipulating the colour channels.  It just provides me with options until such time that I decide to head down the mono route.  

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I actually bothered to re-stack it with proper calibration frames and re-edited it. I actually much more prefer this version in terms of colour  and detail :)

Lobster Claw Edit 2 properly calibrated.jpg

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Looks great 👍

I've got a few hours on this target with a similar FOV that I haven't even processed yet, may have to give it a look :) 

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      So I was fortunate enough to get one of the new Optolong L-eXtreme Filters for review, and even though there has been a heatwave this week I just had to give it a go.
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      A lot of the extended GC was on the threshold of vision and the resolved stars faded in and out. 
      M15 will always have a special place for me as it was the first GC i ever saw 😍 
      Thanks for looking. 

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