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Crescent Nebula (NGC6888) HOO

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Yay !!  My second astro image of the year - I'm on a roll now !






I added OIII data (22x 900 secs) to an earlier set of HaRGB data (22x600s Ha, 10x180s R,G and B 2x2 binned taken in 2017).  Darks, flats and bias, equipment as per sig, Pixinsight.  

Most of the image is HOO,though I added in some RGB star colour, which I couldn't really get to sing very much (couple of red stars top-right I suppose)

The Crescent Nebula (NGC 6888) is an emission nebula in the constellation Cygnus, about 5000 light-years away from Earth.  It is formed by the fast stellar wind from the Wolf-Rayet star in the centre colliding with and energizing the slower moving wind ejected by the star when it became a red giant around 250,000 to 400,000 years ago. The result of the collision is a shell and two shock waves, one moving outward and one moving inward. The inward moving shock wave heats the stellar wind to X-ray-emitting temperatures.  The red tendrils in this picture are hydrogen, and the outer blue shell is oxygen. 

This was my previous HaLRGB attempt:



Crescent Nebula (NGC6888) by Stuart Goodwin, on Flickr


Hope you enjoy !



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thanks very much, and appreciate the cc - this one's a strange one, I like it on most of the monitors I see it, but on my main desktop pc monitor (which is admittedly past its best), I don't like it, looks too Disney.  Santa's going to get me a new fancy colour-calibrated photo-editing-worthy monitor for Xmas, if he doesn't get locked down again before then.

I don't think I actually saturated the nebula at all (well, maybe the blue)

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decided to give this another go - having got my new monitor, I think the previous version was definitely looking a bit too saturated, so I've tried to bring that down.  Also trying to get a bit more of a natural blue shell going round it, and I managed to integrate my RGB star colours better.


What do you all think - better now ?



Crescent Nebula (NGC6888) by Stuart Goodwin, on Flickr

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