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Bresser saturn 20x60 any good?

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Hi all


Just on my usual browsing in the hope I will have some money to get some new bins at some point I saw the bresser Spezial saturn 20x60s, I couldnt find much in the way of reviews (except one on cloudy nights) which is probably a sign. At about half the price I presume these have nothing on the Pentax 20x60s. 


It was more out of interest if anyone has used these and if they are any good? 


Thanks all for your time

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hmm yes only review since end-2008 and he acknowledges eyesight issues. Other than that precious little about these other than saying they're super.

They also do a 20x80 astro at slightly below the price of the 20x60 but at this price point you have to wonder how good they really are.

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I personally would not buy these binoculars 20x60 are very hard to use I save up your money and buy a tripod and a pair of  20x80 or even 25x80 coted lenses, this will allow you to see the planet  

and nebula's and galaxies M41 M42  M44  etc 

also the heaver the tripod the better  

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