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Binocular white light sunspots

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Decided to give my 15x70 Revelation bins a go (with Baader white light solar film filters) on the current sunspots - the large one just leaving the disc on the right is clearly visible, what I was really curious about was the new group of much smaller spots just coming around from the left.

While I wasn't able to discern the spots themselves, I was able to make out the lighter surrounding area against the faint texture visible through the Baader solar film.  It was quite a challenge as the bins were heavy and even with a pole mounting it was impossible to hold them perfectly steady - a tripod would have been better of course but I wanted to try out the pole with ball head as a binocular steadying device, it turned out quite well - however being able to see the new group was a very satisfying result.

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We caught a glimpse of the little spots on Thursday morning, they were possible to miss but revealed some pleasing little detail in an 85mm scope with a Lunt 1.25 inch Hershcel Wedge. And the white areas around the spots were very sweet. It sounds super to have white light bins and I am curious if you would have been able to bag them!

They may have been smaller still when you had a crack. They seem to be waving goodbye!


Image: NASA/SDO and the AIA, EVE, and HMI science teams.

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The new small spots may have been visible with 15x70 binoculars if they were securely mounted.

I picked them up in my little ZS70 with my Zoom at 21.5mm (approx 18.5x), but I knew where to look and it took a little effort.

The above is fairly close to 15x70, I don't know whether the binocs are stopped down.


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