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No imaging of late - night skies, even in Spain, are bad!

So - tonight I just played a bit with my September image of the Heart Nebula - did a crop and played with the curves some.....

Melotte 15 Crop.jpg

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32 minutes ago, carastro said:

That's really lovely.


Thanks Carole. This is data from September - but it helped pass an hour or so working on it this evening. 😏

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26 minutes ago, Eris said:

That is a stunning image.  You didn't borrow Hubble for a few hours did you?

ha ha 🤣   Eris....I wish I could.......that REALLY would be fun!   (It is just a small part from a previous image).

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27 minutes ago, Adreneline said:

Very nice Brendan- really like the colours.


Thanks Adrian. I always find that an image I produce on my home computer does not always show up EXACTLY the same online. It looks a bit brighter here.....but probably no harm 🤓

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1 hour ago, souls33k3r said:

We were speaking on Facebook regarding my NGC1491

Ahmed.....now I am able to find your NGC1491 on Astrobin.....I was looking for it but without  "souls33k3r" I could not pinpoint it. Well done again on that one - you are getting a good positive response on it. I used to be on Astrobin years ago - then opted out when it was still free - but not working too well (when it was: "I'll like your image if you like mine").  Now - I just don't feel like paying to store/show images there. 

Thanks for your comment on this one - as I said elsewhere, it was nice to have good data so that a crop, looking close in at a section of a wider image, worked out OK for resolution.

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1 hour ago, MartinB said:

your image is an absolute corker

WoW! - thanks for that Martin. Wide field images, if the resolution & data is good enough, are great value..... sometimes two for the price of one 😁

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