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Mars - 6th November 2020

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Another evening with good conditions allowing a fair amount of detail to be resolved through Syrtis Major and into the Hellas basin.  Continued northern polar haze and a little light haze on the following limb but less distinct than other observations.

Fingers crossed for more good evenings before the angular size of the planet drops below 15 arc seconds.   


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Lovely image, Eris. You can't beat aperture!

I've had some nice views of Mars this year but on the whole the seeing where I live has been poor for the past 2 weeks or so.

I was out for an hour last night and on Mars the whole time, but views were frustratingly mushy, despite  the misty, flat calm conditions.

I think there is just too much moisture in the air here at the moment.

I note you had 6/10 seeing..based on your image, mine must have been 2 or 3 at best last night!


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Nice image and pleased you have obtained such a good feature set.

I have observed Mars quite a bit this time round, but visually and seen similar in glimpses, we have been most lucky with Mars in 2020, something good about the year at least.

I understand  it was clear last night from local observers, of course I missed it while beavering away writing the bi- monthly Observing Highlights for my club next week, typical timing on my part.


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