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Elephant's trunk nebula LDN1099 in SHO. 11+h integration

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Just got to the stage of v1 completion of my most recent image, The Elephant trunk nebula centered on LDN 1099

This is a SHO (HST) image composed of 2h 45min SII, 3h 39min Ha, and 4h 45min OIII

Imaged at my remote 'linux/Indilib' box observatory ' observatory17b.com ' over several nights. 

Camera is ASI ZWO 1600mm-c cooled to -25C

Scope Equinox 80 PRO APO.


Hope you like, and let me know what you think :) 



Clear skies :)

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Hmm. I don't like images over-saturated, so I tend to end up a little under-saturated.

I tried upping the saturation a fair amount, and I think I like it better, it POPS more.

Witch do you like the best? v1, or v2?




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43 minutes ago, carastro said:

Nice images.  I personally prefer the 2nd set with the stronger colour.


Thanks Carole. 

I've also landed on the second set. 

One thing I have noticed on images with stronger color is that the smallest stars can be over sharp, and over saturated. 

I think it is because the making of the mask for star masking, often leaves out the tiny stars. So they are exposed to different types of sharpening. When they are then saturated, they can be a little harsh. Usually not easaly noticable when viewing the image from a distanse, but I do like diving into the details on my monitor :)

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