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M31 Galaxy with an unmodified Canon 1100D

red dwalf

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Around 63 x 90 second exposures with a Canon 1100D connected to a William Optics GT 81, 15 X darks, 31 X flats and 31 X bias frames, stacked in deep sky stacker processed in Startools and some tweaks to colour and star reduction in Photoshop CS3.

M31 with darks flats bias November 2020


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1 hour ago, happy-kat said:

Nice capture

What version of startools are you using, have you tried the revised Shrink module to reduce stars.

Version 7 I think, I have used the shrink module a few times before in startools with good success, I also have an action in photoshop that does a good job too and it is just one click to do so I tend to use that mostly 

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2 hours ago, geordie85 said:

A fine m31 you have there, maybe a tad over saturated on the colour but still very well done 

This one was my first attempt, aittle less saturated, I always find the colours difficult to get right, I'm slightly colour blind which does help L.O.L 



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Yeah, that colour looks more natural to my eye. Maybe a little pink in the core?  But it comes down to personal taste. It’s a good capture though.  Nice framing, and your kit’s focal length looks spot on as far as imaging this large target is concerned. 

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