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Chalk-/charcoal sketch of Orientale Basin

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Dear all,

this morning I have been on my terrace to take advantage of the favourite libration towards for the western limb. It was the first time, I managed to observe the Lower Imbrian age Orientale basin - and even do a sketch of it:


Telescope: Martini 10" f/5 truss-tube Dobsonian
Eyepiece: Explore Scientific 6.7mm/82°
Date & Time: November 7th, 2020 / 0600-0700 CET
Location: Home terrace, Dusseldorf Region, Germany
Technique: Koh-i-Noor chalk, extra charcoal and whitecoal pens and pieces on Seawhite of Brighton black sketching paper
Size: appr. 21x28cm

I don't know how a basin on the western limb got the name 'orientale' = eastern, but anyway wink.gif The sketch shows Grimaldi and Riccioli in its northwest in the upper area. When going from there towards southwest to the limb, you'd cross the Montes Cordillera and Lacus Autumni at their western rim. Further towards the center of Orientale basin, Montes Rook and Lacus Veris at their inner border would be the next features you'd visit. And then in the center there's the lava area of Mare Orientale (about 300km diameter) which has been created in Upper Imbrian age.


The dark lines in the sketch are the western slopes of the Cordillera mountains and Rook mountains. The eastern part of Mare Orientale I could identify. This is the dark area directly at the limb. And on the limb, I was astonished to see the Rook mountains and the Cordillela mountains from the side smile.gif

In the southeastern part of my sketch, we can see the rays of the 84km crater Byrgius.

Oh, the ring structure of the basin would have been a wonderful view if seen from above - but we will never see that from here. Nevertheless it was a joy to observe it from the side!


Clear skies!





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Hi Achim,

I share the excitement at seeing the Orientale basin. I saw it earlier on this year and like you had to do a chalk/charcoal sketch but unlike you there is no way I have the skill to sketch at the eyepiece. For some reason I did not post it, probably got side - tracked on my EEVA targets. So here is my take below.

Plenty of artistic licence. I was thrilled to see the the two concentric mountain ranges and as you know it is your work that has inspired me to give the chalk/charcoal technique a go.



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