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Pelican (or Pterodactyl) - narrowband

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Hi all, been very quiet on the Essex pages so thought I'd post this , really nothing special but I'm getting my head around narrowband / SHO imaging. The Ha was good but the Oii and Sii were very weak (nearly a full moon)

1 hr Ha, 1 hr 25 mins Oii and 1 hr 10 mins Sii all in 300 sec subs

Oiii and Sii were ' stretched to within an inch of their life '

Pelican SHO.jpg

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Nice Knobby.

Surprised that the moon had much impact given that is one of the major benefits of narrowband (What Moon?!? 😉)!

Look forward to seeing some more narrowband efforts! I'll be hopefully moving that way this year. Just got to decide what to buy and in what order 🤣

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