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Pier Plate Holes


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I have purchased a steel pier and the plate should have been drilled to take an adapter for an AZ-EQ6 Mount.
The missing adapter is another story, but the pier has been drilled with five 10mm diameter holes - see photo.
The mount takes an M12 bolt and I would have thought the centre hole on the pier plate should be 12mm. Or am I missing something here, as without the adapter, I’m working in the dark.



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I think you are probably right about the centre hole needing to be 12mm for the AZ EQ6 , but its not a big problem as drilling up from 10 to 12mm is fairly easy.

(it is def 12mm for the NEQ6 ). It looks like the pier has been drilled for another mount.

The bolt usually goes up through the pier head and adapter from below, you have only shown the top view but I assume there is a space under the top plate.

The original bolt from the Skywatcher tripod will not be suitable, I got a 12mm handwheel bolt for my NEQ6pro after measuring the length required.


Drilling fixing holes new to suit an adapter is rather more difficult so try to find the right adapter that fits the hole spacing you already have, there are places that can machine you a CNC adapter to your specifications if it is not an off the shelf match, so measure the hole pattern carefully.


Getting the CNC adapter for the pier is worth the cost as it makes the whole setup much more stable and polar aligning is far smoother.


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Hi fifeskies

Thanks for your response which has now reassured me that I wasn’t going mad.
My pier is similar to yours with space under the top plate.
Unfortunately  Altair Astro we’re out of stock a few months ago when I was looking, so I went with an alternative supplier who now aren’t returning calls or texts.
I paid for a pier with an adapter to fit the AZ-EQ6 mount. No adapter and wrong size hole!
I did contact Altair Astro yesterday and Ian Knight came back very quickly with the multi pier adapter which should fit.
I’ll have a go at drilling a larger centre hole and obtaining a 12mm handwheel, once I know that the adapter fits.



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