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Couple of facts trying to find.

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As to the first question, I would say that there would be stars with exoplanets beyond the Crab Nebula. I do not know if any have been found in that small portion of sky or if a survey has even been made. Just as a statistic about the amount of stars in one arm of a galaxy I would think it is a sure thing.

Second question. I am going to presume you mean visible from the location under your avatar. The answer is no, the Crab Nebula is a winter target. Any object that can be seen all year round is called Circumpolar, for instance M81/M82 Bodes and Cigar.


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8 hours ago, omits said:

Are any Solar systems with planets beyond the Crab Nebula in the Perseus arm?

Can the Crab Nebula be seen all year round?

Many Thanks.

Intriguing question. Do you have a reason in mind for asking? 

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