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Stargazers Lounge April 2009 Spring Starparty..


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The 2009 Official Stargazers Lounge Starparty will take place at Lucksall Caravan and Camping Park, Mordiford In Herefordshire.


We have reserved a rally field for the event which will take place on the weekend of the 24th/25th April (Friday/Saturday nights). Although some of you have expressed an interest in arriving on the Thursday (I will confirm the extra night when I contact the site with numbers.) The rally field can hold 100 with electric for 40.

The electric will be a first come first served basis, I would advise sharing the electric where possible.

Cost will be £12.00 Per pitch Per night with electric (Including 2 Adults) Or £10.00 per night without electric (Including 2 adults) A non refundable deposit of £5.00 per person will be required by February 28th with the balance being paid by March 28th.

Under 5's are free

5 - 16 Year olds are £2.50 per night.

Dogs are £1.50


The deposit and balance to be paid by Cheques to -:


C/O 73 Stewartby Way,



MK43 9LL.

Include a covering letter stating username, if electricity is needed and which nights you will be attending.

Paypal, no charges for using PayPal. Real name and address MUST be included, and if electricity is needed


We will send a confirmation once payment is received

There will be a small hospitality tent supplying complimentary tea and coffee throughout the weekend for SGL'ers all we ask is that you keep the area tidy and bring your own mug and spoon!

We are very keen for this event to be "Newbie Friendly" So any new astronomers who are thinking about attending but are worried about feeling left out DO NOT WORRY..The Admin and Moderator team will be on hand to make you feel welcome WE GUARANTEE IT..

If you are attending on your own or just fancy some company then just make your way to the hospitality tent and we will make sure you're made welcome...

Also if anyone is having trouble with their new scope and would like advice on setting up or finding stuff or even imaging...PLEASE ASK..It's what we set these events up for.

Please keep this thread for names and number of people attending only ANY CHAT WILL BE DELETED..

A separate chat thread will be titled "SGL4 Chat" For banter about the event.

Just post a reply with names, number of nights and if electricity required only NO BANTER..

Names, Nights and Electric Required..

Hospitality Tent .. With electric

Greg .. Own tent ..Happy to share electric..Thur/Friday/Sat Night possibly Sunday night too

Ian .. Own Tent - Thur/Fri/Sat Nights Happy to share Electric

MikeP (Michael Plawecki). Thur/Fri/Sat/ nights. Own tent. Happy to share electric.

Daz..Own tent Thurs/Fri/Sat Nights, Happy to share leccy

Steve Own tent Thurs? Fri/Sat/Sun, Happy to shar Leccy

James Own tent Thurs? Fri/Sat/Sun. Happy to share leccy

SteveL - own tent, Thur/Fri/Sat, will share electricity with...

Ford Prefect (jon) - own tent Thur/Fri/Sat

Jamie - Own tent share electric Thur/Fri/ Sat

Tony - Thurs/Fri/sat nights. Happy to share electric.

Paxo - Thurs/Fri/Sat Nights. Happy to share electric.

Dave - Will contact site direct as bringing a caravan.

Michael - (Starlight Express) Fri/Sat Nights - With electric.

Lavey +1 Fri/Sat Night Electric Req.

Ron. - Thur/Fri/Sat Night Own tent, happy to share electric

Mark at Beaufort - Fri/Sat No electric

Helen + Jean Fri/Sat - With electric. (2 Pitches)

Ferox - Fri/Sat - With electric.

Stephen Green - Fri/Sat Nights - With electric.

PhilJ - Fri/Sat Nights - Own tent - With electric.

Kevin + 1. Thurs/Fri/Sat Night - Own tent - With electric.

Astrodohnut. Thurs/Fri/sat Nights - Own tent. Happy to share electric

Bazza. - Fri/Sat Nights. Own tent - With electric

Michael Morris. Fri/Sat Nights. Own tent - No elecrtic. (Pitching help required.)

Astronut. - Fri/Sat Night. Own tent. -No electric.

Ian_d +1 -Fri/Sat Night Own tent -No electric

old codger - Thus/Fri/Sat - Own caravan - With electric.

Stefski - Fri/Sat nights - Own tent - With electric.

Robert + 2 - Fri/Sat - Camper Van - Electric

TJ +4+dogs - Thurs/Fri/Sat -Caravan - Electric

Astrotiger +1 - Fri/Sat - Own tent -Electric

Andromeda 2 Adults+1 Boy + Dog. Own tent - Happy to share electric.

M110 1 Adult - Own tent. - No leccy required.

George - Fri/Sat. Own Tent - Happy to share electric.

Mr Ed. Fri/Sat. Own Tent - No leccy required.

Astrosurf - Fri/Sat night - Own tent with leccy

Macipod +1 - Fri/Sat Nights - own tent with leccy.

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Dave + Mrs Dave (Sandra) - Caravan - Elec required (serviced pitch) - Thurs/Fri/Sat/, and will probably stay on (weather dependant).

Will contact site direct, if this is deemed necessary for a serviced pitch.

Happy to share leccy, if your ext lead will reach the serviced pitch.



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We'll be there :) Likely to be Helen, Mike, Jean and Richard (although I haven't asked him yet!). We'll need a large pitch for the moonlander and the satellite tent (maybe 2 pitches), one with leccie (Jean and I like creature comforts!).

We'll also bring cake (and yes, MiniDaz, Welsh cakes too!) :)


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Is there room for another still?

SWMBO is clearing off to Glasgow for a girls weekend so Im freeeeeeee. :) I need a chance to try my mobile rig out properly anyway.

Itd be me, a car, a small trailer, a tent, some leccy required as well, for the Friday and Saturday

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Boys and Girls

When you send payment please include:

    [li]Real Name[/li]
    [li]Number of nights[/li]
    [li]Number of people[/li]
    [li]Electricity required[/li]
    [li]Address details[/li]

You will be sent a written confirmation of your booking, with any balance owing.

Many thanks

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The Price Is Per pitch/Per night, which includes 2 adults..

Children under 5 are free.

Children 5 - 16 are £2.50.

Dogs £1.50 each.

Thre is no discount to OAP's

We have booked the rally field which can hold 100 pitches.

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