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Scalping of Astronomy Equipment During Covid-19

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Personally, I’d have washed my hands of that one.. think about it.....😂

Not sure why you would think this would be scalping - the guy is asking 200 pounds and FLO sells it for 215, so then he must be a complete looser as a scalper. I think the poor guy just wants as much

yes but then you'd have to swap the steering wheel and pedals over

1 minute ago, John said:

Then don't buy it.

CEM25p is discontinued, and is in a sweet spot for a portable mount suited to 11kg imaging payload. IOptron have not advertised a like replacement for it.

I can understand someone paying more than retail for it once new stock runs out.

But, as already said, if the price isn't right then just move along.

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4 hours ago, johninderby said:

Not a great price but not scalping for the CEM25p

Plus the tripod with 2” legs, mini pier, extra counterweight hard case etc so about £1,100,00 new. £699.00 is the head and counterweight only.

I was wrong to call this out and didn’t do my research well enough. Apologies all round and especially to the seller. Thanks for straightening me out John. 🤐

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