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Travel mounts/tripods?

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Hey all! So, I'm currently waiting on a decent GoTo mount to complete my setup (looking for a Skywatcher HEQ5 or AZ-EQ5) -  but, I'm also looking for something slightly more portable and "get up and go" to travel with. I've been told by some people that the EQM-35 is decent travel option, but Idk. I've also heard decent things about iOptron mounts, but cheaper versions are so hard to find. It doesn't have to be motorised, in fact I can see advantages in not needing a power supply when travelling. 

Does anyone have any suggestions?  I'm planning to stick an Altair Astro 102ED on it, +/- 60mm guide scope. For visual only. 

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I fancy the idea of AzEQ avant mount as light travel and versatile mount.

It can operate in both Az and EQ mode and there is small tracking motor that can be useful for planetary.

Only drawback that I can see is small payload - around 5Kg. Would it hold 4" short refractor at about 4kg? One thing is sure - it will be on the edge of mount capability if it even holds it ok.

Another option might be something like this:


+ nice sturdy photographic tripod - not something that I know enough to recommend, but I did hear name Manfrotto mentioned often.

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I have the Avant mount which I bought with the little 114/500 reflector. It works just fine with the 114 and also my 102 Mak and a 90 f5.5 refractor. The lightweight tripod and extension are just that, lightweight, just as suitable as a photo' mount. It would be possible to put the avant on a heavier bettet  tripod but the lightweight setup idea then starts to slip. The Avant is marketed with a 130p f5 reflector. In my opinion this pushing it too much but I'll admit to being one who doesn't tolerate well a scope taking several seconds to settle every time its nudged.

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