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First 'Real sighting'

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Since I got my little scope at Christmas I have been looking at the moon and random 'stars' not really knowing what I was looking at.

Spent a few weeks reading and trying to learn what's up there and how to get the best from what I have.

Well tonight was the night for me to see through my scope The Pleiades (M45) :hello1: which all I knew up until 2 weeks ago was just a buch of 'stars'

Cant say how great the feeling was in finding/viewing and knowing what I was looking at.

So a great big thank you to this great site :mrgreen:

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It's a great feeling, something else I found is you learn a lot more that you think. All it takes is a passer by to ask what you're doing and you find yourself telling them things you didn't know you knew.

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Yep, Orion Nebula and Saturn should be right up there on your next targets list for sure!

Its a great feeling and you have got many more to come especially when the challenges get harder with certain targets.


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Been looking at the Orion Nebula the last few nights,

Still amaze me what's up there and what you can see.

But its now begun.......................I am now looking for a bigger scope lol

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