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Help required 🙂

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Hello dear SL members! My name is Mihail and I’m new at this forum and in astronomy 🙂 I have read a lot of SL topics about equipment for beginners and decided to buy a SW 250px classic version. However due to pandemic those models were out of stock and the next available delivery date supposed to be December - January.🙁 I will admit, I didn’t had enough patience to wait so long 😄 so I found and bought a good (Used) SW 250p telescope with AZ SynScan GoTo on eBay. The telescope itself is about 15 years old but it is in a really great condition. The only problem is that the synscan is not working due to faulty motor board as I’ve been told by previous owner. 🙂 I can still use the telescope without any problems, and point it to any required target manually. However I decided to ask your professional opinion dear SL  members about this board. How do you think, is it possible to get a new board for this telescope? (I couldn’t find any in internet) Or is it possible to fix it(previous owner tried, but unsuccessfully)? I don’t know what exactly happened to this board. Please see attached photos. And thank you in advance. 🙂





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1 hour ago, doublevodka said:

There is a guys on the astro buy and sell groups on facebook that does electronics repairs for mounts etc, may be worth a look and a bit less expensive 👍

What if one isn't on facebook?  Any other way to contact such repair people?

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One of the options would be to ditch these dead boards and the SynScan controller altogether, and opt for a DIY EQMod Ascom system design, which will drive your mount's motors directly from a computer (just google for these words for more details). Surely, depends on your DIY potential.

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