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Mars captured on Samsung Galaxy S6 phone


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Stack of 600 frames from clip off Galaxy S6 phone shot through 6mm eyepiece attached to 200mm Newtonian.

MP4 file was preprocessed with PIPP software to produce SER file.

SIRIL then used this to stack frames and

finally GIMP used to postprocess resulting stacked image.



20201014 Mars at opposition.jpg

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Thanks Harshn.

The adapter is just a bog standard plastic smartphone adapter off ebay for about  a tenner.

Set phone camera to Manual Focus at infinity and low ISO cos Mars bright.

With the phone attached to the eyepiece via the adapter, mount on the telescope and use eyepiece focusing control to finetune the focusing.

Record  video clip for as along as suits (my scope is Dobsonian mounted so Mars drifts across field of view in a few seconds!).

Then preprocess (PIPP) and process (SIRIL) and postprocess (GIMP) as described above.

NB The clip and stacked image both show Mars as a nearly white blob but CURVES and LEVELS in GIMP rescue the detail.

Clear Skies


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Thanks for such a detailed reply Chris. Seeing your image and the way you did it, I think now I have got a decent idea to be able to do this. I own a 8" dobsonian and have tried getting a decent image for long. The sky is not clear since a week here in the UK but hope it clears soon.

Thanks again,



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