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COMPLETED - SOLD - TS ALt-Az Counterbalance System

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TS  ALt-Az Counterbalance System

In excellent condition. Due to a change in scopes this is no longer needed. Have added a safety screw to the counterweight bar.

SOLD - £49.95 Collected (postage to UK £5.00)

The AZT6-LHALTER is superior to conventional brackets with L-profile.


♦ The instrument is not placed at the side of the mount, but perfectly at the center of gravity. This increases stability and prevents the mount from tipping over.

♦ With the optional counterweight (20mm bore) you can perfectly balance your binoculars, telescope, spotting scope or telephoto lens, no matter whether an object at the horizon or high in the sky is located.

♦ The width of the instrument does not matter, even large binoculars can be attached with the AZT6-LHALTER.

♦ Pans along the horizon or up to the zenith are possible quite easily. Due to perfect balancing, you can slew even heavy instruments with your little finger. The motors of a motorized mount are hardly loaded.


Among others, the AZT6-LHALTER fits to the following mounts:

♦ TS-Optics AZT6 and TSAZ5 mounts

♦ iOptron GoTo mounts Cube, MiniTower, AZ Mount

♦ Skywatcher Skytee alt-azimuth mount

♦ Skywatcher GoTo mount AZ-GTi

♦ Skywatcher AZ-EQ5 and AZ-EQ6 GoTo mounts (in alt-azimuth mode)

♦ Berlebach Castor

♦ Tele Optik Tecnica Giro and GR-Ercole

♦ Losmandy AZ8

♦ Celestron LCM GoTo mount and telescopes


Payment:  PayPal (buyer pays fees)






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