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Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition 2009


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Just caught this thread.....I agree, it does make a mockery of it.

Call me old fashioned, but the way I read 'image taken yourself', means that you have set up the scope, ironed out all the bugs, sweated for weeks with your system, and then dashed out between clouds to grab a few more subs...you know....done it yourself :)

Why not just download some Hubble data and process that....I see no diference in doing that and using a robotic scope other than the fact that, in many cases, you've paid some money to the scope owner for time on the instrument.

As Steve says, in that case it's all about processing.


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OMG, you going up with STS-125 Hubble servicing mission? :)

You wanna see what I will be using in a few weeks...


I'll be taking the pics...on site. not in the UK (not in Spain either...)..I can say no more...

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Hmm... well not quite

Give ya a clue...

It's up a mountain top...it's several thousand miles from here... and it's very very very very very big..

And they have invited me (fully paid for) to take 3 cameras of my choosing (already sorted that part), my laptop and spend two days/nights imaging.. connected to the prime focus, and it's not Faulkes North or South, it's way bigger...

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