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COMPLETED - SOLD - Astronomik EOS XL Clip-Filter CLS

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Can I ask you few questions regarding this filter as I am a newbie? I am in the middle of building of my rig. I have already SW80 EVO ED and Canon 6D. My target is colour DSO (afaik some colours should be visible after postprocessing as this isn't full apo scope). I am going to remove infra red filter from DSLR. Will it be ok or it won't match and it's better to leave infra red filter? What will give me better effect?

In general I might need light pollution filter as I live in Bortel class 7 area. I don't know too much about filters yet. On FLO I have read that it is suitable for "Black & White photography and CCD photographs of nebulae, galaxies and star clusters with astronomical instruments of any size.". My concern it this B&W. 

So I might be interested but I am not sure it will be suitable for me, thanks.


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I don't know why they suggest it is suitable for B&W photography as it's just a light pollution filter? This filter will work perfectly in your 6D, however if you're going to have it astro modified to remove the IR filter then you would do better to get the CCD version of this filter.

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