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Celestron (lack of) Quality Control

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I've had a Celestron CGX over 2 years now. The CGX was not keeping time/date at all so I decided to change the RTC battery in the CGX. When I opened up the panel, which has never been removed before - by me anyway, I was horrified.

  • Flapping around on the pcb was a 1 inch shard of metal shaving
  • The twisted wires from the inside of the CGX to the pcb connectors had had their insulation cut/scraped away and with high chance of possible shorting.
  • The standard of soldering on the pcb was pretty average too.

How can these kinds of sloppiness possibly get through QC?


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I see they havent changed much.

Years ago I bought a CGE mk1 mount, not cheap at all. It had 11 faults, mechanical and electrical. It went back to the supplier twice. The electronics werent well put together, loudy soldering and the cheapest most unreliable connectors they could find. The connectors and wiring were 4 of the faults.

Celestron customer service at the time were a waste of time  good ole Dave Hinds eventually sorted some of the faults, I sorted the rest.


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