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Tiny Tunnels in Mars Rock Hint at Possibility of Life


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A study of a meteorite that fell in Egypt nearly 95 years ago may offer clues as to the search for possible life on Mars.


Researchers studying the meteorite that originated from Mars found a series of microscopic tunnels within the object that mimic the size, shape and distribution to tracks left on Earth rocks by the feeding frenzy of bacteria.

The discovery of the tiny burrows adds intrigue to the search for life beyond Earth. However, no DNA could be extracted from the meteorite, so it's not known if the tunnels are of biological origin. The scientists said the lack of DNA also does not derail the prospect.


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That image look almost the same as Marine pond life seen in a Microscope using Phase Contrast light :shock: the burrows are left from the bacteria eatting away at minerals in Rocks the trails look evidently like this in this image Steve :shock:.. There's also many other factors to take into account though like if this rock was left on our world for even a short period of time this could easily happen and not be of alien origin..

Good find!


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