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Collimation of Astromaster 130EQ

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Hello Everyone,

I started having problems seeing stars and other objects clearly through my Celestron Astromaster 130EQ telescope after several attempts so I thought I would try to collimate it.  I purchased a laser collimator to help with the task.  I have been reviewing several posts about this as well as watching videos and there is usually a reference to a center circle on the primary mirror.  When I look at mine though the end of the tube, I see a circle but it is a bit off center on the primary mirror.  After I insert the laser into the focuser, should I try to focus the laser on that  off-center circle? Thanks.

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The first thing to check is that the laser is collimated as they can be wonky, before then using it on your telescope.

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Posted (edited)

I was under the impression that the telescope in question did not come centre-spotted, like this one...


Do you see a white ring like that, more or less in the centre of the mirror?  If it is, and you confirm that it's definitely off-centre, you can remove that one and replace it.  But you would need to research on how to go about that, thoroughly before attempting.  It can be a bit difficult to remove the primary cell and mirror with that particular make and model.

Also, I would suggest using a passive-tool, like a Cheshire and/or a collimation-cap, to collimate.  I use both, and for the telescope that houses that mirror within my image...


My own arrived without a spot, so I applied one, carefully and precisely as I could.

If you purchased an entry-level laser-collimator, those oft require inspection and collimation themselves, and before using one to collimate the telescope.  Else, inaccuracies will result.

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I have an astromaster 130 EQ, and no it doesn't come with a centre dot as standard. I added my own.

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