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IKO NGC6888 Processing Competition - Winners!

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Wowsers, this was tough! I think the Crescent data was a bit more challenging to process, I wonder if that's something about the target characteristics or the data on this occasion?

A group of us at FLO and Gary Palmer of http://www.astrocourses.co.uk/ helped us judge, you can see all the entries here and the winners are....


Winner - x6gas


Runner Up: Spongey

NGC 6888.jpg

Runner Up: matt_baker



Thank you all for taking part and we are looking forward to the next data release which will be shortly - this might be a double release too.

I will be in touch with the winners to arrange their prizes :)

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An amazing competition once again, thank you FLO!

Big congratulations to x6gas and matt_baker, and to all of those who submitted images; it was fantastic seeing so many different interpretations of the same data.

I (and I'm sure everyone else) am very much looking forward to the next data release!

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Wowsers - what a surprise.  Thanks so much - lots of great renditions and I am absolutely honoured.

I agree with @Grant - this is a tough target to process.  In honesty, I was never particularly happy with the results I got from my own data, but the IKO stacks were lovely to work with - especially the OIII which had so much to give - and I was really pleased with what came out of the process.  There were so many great images posted in the thread... it must have been tough to judge!

Thanks again FLO and IKO for providing this great data.  I really enjoyed processing it and seeing all of the submissions.  🙏 

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Congratulations and well done to the winners and everyone who took part. I don't have a mono camera, so really enjoyed playing with the data. A big thank you to FLO and IKO!

Also thanks for allowing us to share our results. I have just put a couple of my attempts on Telescopius.

FLO may be getting an order for a mono camera soon! 😀

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