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BRESSER Messier 6'' Planetary Dobsonian Telescope

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3 minutes ago, John said:

Thanks John.

I was wondering what the term "Planetary" meant in terms of optimisation for this purpose.


Bresser does two 6” dobs (f/5 and f/8) and the “planetary” refers to the longer focal length version.

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Cough 🙂  The Bresser Messier 6" Planetary Dobsonian telescope is now in stock at FLO.    Steve 

You mean the famous @JOC: STEM ambassador, keeper of ducks and chickens and maker of 6" parabolic mirrors?

The optics are made by JOC and just as good as the Skywatcher. Nothing to choose between them opticaly. The build quality of the Bresser is better however and they are beter equipped.  My 10” dob

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10 hours ago, johninderby said:

Bresser does two 6” dobs (f/5 and f/8) and the “planetary” refers to the longer focal length version.

The F5 6" is a table-top dob, isn't it. I notice that the 6" planetary doesn't have the nice Hexafoc focuser that adorns the 8" and 10"


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A 6 inch F/8 dob could be a 5 inch apo refractor "killer" potentially, at a far, far lower cost.

Interesting thread from 2017 on a comparison between an F/8 6 inch and a F/5 of the same aperture:


The Bresser dobs were not around then though.



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