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What telescope brand would you choose?

Reply below for your favourite telescope brand. It would be really helpful to know which brand to buy.

Celestron, Meade, Orion, Skywatcher  etc.  

Thank you for viewing


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I would place just as much emphasis on the vendor as the brand, since most products are available from many sellers.

I have a refractor made by Skywatcher, an SCT from Celestron, an ETX125 from Meade and a GSO rebadged dob from TS.

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Many scopes of the brands you list are made by the same manufacturer now so in many ways it doesn't matter !

Orion (USA) branded scopes can be more expensive in the UK than the Skywatcher or Celestron branded versions.

I've owned scopes by all the brands you list and they seemed to be similar in overall quality. Bresser is one brand that I would add to your list. They are popular on this forum.

Currently I own scopes branded Skywatcher, Celestron, Vixen, Takahashi, APM / LZOS and Orion Optics (UK) and I'm very happy with them all :smiley:

The challenge at the moment, if buying new, is finding what you want in stock. Stocks are getting very lean with the vendors.


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Having worked for almost 25 years now in all sorts of wood production, with different brands stationary and mobile machines, i think it safe to safe to say that each brand has some good and some bad products.  I think it works a bit the same in all other categories.  Best is to read experienced-user experiences for a partical scopetype. 

There are failed engineered products among almost all brands i guess.  

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Celestron, Skywatcher and other mass market brands sell scopes ranging from low end “department store” scopes to some very nice quality scopes so the brand doesn't’ automaticly mean they are good. You have tp pick the right scopes from their lines.

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7 hours ago, Spacecake2 said:

What telescope brand would you choose?

Reply below for your favourite telescope brand. It would be really helpful to know which brand to buy.

Celestron, Meade, Orion, Skywatcher  etc.  

Thank you for viewing


I have one each of Celestron, Meade and Skywatcher currently. The switch from Meade to Celestron reflects (no pun intended) a change of mount rather than a dissatisfaction with the optical tube itself. So I guess I don't have a favourite.

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1 hour ago, johninderby said:

Celestron, Skywatcher and other mass market brands sell scopes ranging from low end “department store” scopes to some very nice quality scopes so the brand doesn't’ automaticly mean they are good. You have tp pick the right scopes from their lines.

Thats true. A Skywatcher Esprit refractor is a very different quality of product to, say one of their standard Evostar refractors.

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I only have 2 

Orion optics uk VX8L  had to upgrades some parts but its a really nice scope 

Bresser messier 127 refractor  really nice scope still need to upgrades parts of it 

Each scope does it job but no scope will do lots of different jobs well so you need to get a scope to do what you want it to do all within your budget 

I did have a cheap celestron  scope and it was just that cheap had it weeks then upgraded it to a better quality one

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      Hello all, 
      I have come to you all with the "too much asked question". 
      I have been using the telescopes from local Astronomy group since few years, and now during these Corona times, it is harder. So now I have decided to invest some money on getting myself a scope, and would so sooooo would love your inputs. My main concerns are:
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      I don't own a car, usually I use a bicycle with a carrier to get around the city.
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      I continue my reports from observatories I have visited. This one is very special for me, I did my education in astrophysics at this place in the 1990s. My girlfriend and I took the car this weekend and visited Saltsjöbaden for a walk, only 30 km from where we live. We ended the walk up at the Stockholm's Observatory.
      Some photos from this beautiful place:
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      Does anyone have any suggestions from Celestron?
      Kind Regards
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