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Olympus dslr


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I have been experimenting with my Olympus, and Maxim dl. I have to put the camera in Manual mode, and under PC Control.

The camera driver has been loaded Ok, and Maxim shows the camera, and allows a connection.

I can take an exposure OK, and I have disabled taking dark frames, as I just want to get basics under my belt.

The image is in ORF. Olympus Raw, I keep the exposure very short.

It takes a pic, and it is downloaded to Maxim, and appears on the screen. There is a box where I selected single, but there another two boxes, one for Continuous and one for autosave. If I select continuous, I half expect a number of exposures to happen, but it doesn't. In fact at the second attempt, it goes through expose bit, then an error1 message comes on the screen.

I am obviously doing something wrong, but what?

I may even be trying to do something that can't be done. It is just a USB2 connection to the camera.


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