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Change is in the air. 

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We will soon apply a significant update to the SGL platform but before we do we want to remind everyone what SGL is, and is not. This is important because it underpins the way SGL is constructed and moderated. 

What is SGL? 

SGL is a positive, safe, friendly online community where you can discuss all things astronomy with like-minded people. Whether you are beginner or professional, visual astronomer or astrophotographer, armchair astronomer or cosmologist. SGL is for you. 

SGL is not Facebook. 

SGL does not amplify negative emotion, does not insert dodgy video into your timeline and does not lock you in. There are no fake members or bots. No fake news or click-bait. You are not wrapped in a filter bubble then sold to advertisers (our sponsor pays the bills). At SGL your worth is not determined by how many followers or 'likes' you have. 

So if you enjoy drama, dissent and controversy. If you enjoy discussing politics and social injustice. If you enjoy constructing carefully worded insults. If you like sharing photos of your cat or breakfast. SGL will not suit you. 

SGL does however have a Lounge area for non-astro discussion. This is separate and distinct from the astronomy boards. Please help us keep it this way. 

Best wishes, 

SGL ADMIN & Moderators

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We have applied a number of updates over the years and routinely move discussions in an attempt to keep SGL's discussion boards on topic. 

Most understand the need to keep the forum up-to-date, secure and on topic but there are always a handful of members who resist change and resent moderation. Sometimes they leave. When this happens a new forum invariably pops up to cater for them (Astronomy Shed, PAIG & Inside Astronomy are past examples). 

This used to upset us but over the years our skins have grown thicker and we now recognise it is an inevitable part of running an astronomy forum. We cannot please everyone. 

Recently after some moderation (intended to keep non-astro discussion separate from astro discussion) we upset and lost some good members and, right on cue, a new forum has appeared. 


We don't enjoy losing members but we do want the SGL community to be a happy one so if you conclude SGL is no longer a good fit for you, we suggest you try the new forum. 

There will be no hard feelings (though we will grow resentful if you use your SGL membership to recruit members). 


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