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Firstlight 1000D 50mm F1.8 and CLS-CCD clip in (Fixed Tripod)

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Clouds meant that I only managed 15x15s ISO 400 f1.8 on a fixed Tripod Canon 1000D with 50mm F1.8 EFII and Astronomik CLS-CCD Clip in and also rushed the focus... should have spent more time on it...


(click to enlarge)

I think it needs higher ISO with the lens stopped down a few as that stops should help with the coma

Was hoping to get a chance to have a go at Orion with the Moded 350D and the CLS later :)

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Hi Doc there is is you look carefully on the Hi-res - just me being way to fussy probably... the trailing is really noticeable an image of Tarus through M45 that I took... only got 3 frames on that one so havent posted it...

I reckon ISO1600 around f4-5.6 is possibly better and load more shorter subs...

Only wanted an hour or so to sweetspot the setup :)

Forgot I'd' been playing with the settings in DSS and added some Bias frames as well....


(click to enlarge)

Heres the Astronomentery.net solution for the image... couple of nebs in there as well



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