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Mars from Lancashire 1/10/2020

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Mars imaged yesterday evening using my Tak 150mm refractor with ASI224MC and 3x Barlow lens (approx 3.3m focal length). Best 50% of 3000 frames. Processed using PIPP, AS!3, RS6 and DxO PhotoLab3.

The views through the eyepiece at 272x were sooooo good😁

CS, Andy


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A lovely image Andy. I like how you've caught the white cloud in the north and also on the preceding and following limbs. Easily seen visually, but for some reason many images fail to pick this detail up, but not being an imager I've no idea why. Out of curiosity, is your scope an FS or TOA?

I sketched Mars possibly just a little earlier than your image, but your image is a wonderful confirmation of the subtle detail I saw in the southern hemisphere. Hope you don't mind me attaching your image and my flipped sketch as a comparison. The arrow in my sketch is the direction of drift.


65940214_2020-10-0300_51_21.jpg.f4bd245739d2ad65039cdc0f873c1aff.jpg 22.53 UT.  1/10/20




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No problem Mike, I love the comparison. Yours is a fantastic rendition of the view. I really like your sketch and I see how it matches my digital image, including some of the more delicate variation in the northern hemisphere. Very nice.

For reference, my image was taken over a 3 minute period, starting at approx 23:40 BST.

Regards, Andy

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Great image, thanks for sharing.

Makes the ongoing cloud and never ending rain very frustrating here.

As a question for the seasoned Mars observers, the bright white small area, is that a polar region?

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11 minutes ago, fireballxl5 said:

Thanks Alan, yes it's the southern polar cap.

Thanks for that, in that case, what I thought were polar areas were not when I observed a few nights ago.
The southern cap is very defined and bright white indeed.
I will have to learn more now of course.

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