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ZWO 290mm pro replacement protective window

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Hi all, 

Anyone done this replacement? I can't get the old window out (its glued). Tried soaking in Isoprop but no luck. Anyone know what glue is used and what solvent might get it out? Acetone?

Thanks in advance




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1 hour ago, ebdons said:

Hi, I have warmed the glass area (not the glass directly) with a hair dryer and it may come out with a suction tool? is the original that damaged?

Original was scratched. I got it second hand. Heat will be my next try!

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ok keep us updated, the only cam I used heat on was an old QHY which had some sealer on the front glass like you show, and the heat softened it a bit to be able to remove the glass. if the old glass is now useless you can be a bit more "physical" with it? even if it breaks as long as you can get the sealer off etc.

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