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2 hours ago, JamesF said:

Something about it just screams old-school Baader to me, but I don't even know if they made such an eyepiece.


I had a deja vu when it was offered to me today.  I am very sure i saw these ep’s last month.  The green m.c. caught my eye but never paid attention to it anymore.  

Now i just cant find the website where i saw these.   Hours of googeling “15 mm plossl mc” brought me nothing yet😕

Thanks for helping a bit out.  

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Looks like a pseudo-Masuyama to me. The Orion Ultrascopic range included a 15mm which looks identical to the one you posted:


5 elements as I recall.

University Optics probably ran a similar range for a while. Also available under Antares, Parks, Celestron brandings a few years back as well.

Decent eyepiece.


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