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Which eyepiece to choose


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Hi there,

I have a skywatcher dobsonian 8 inch with the factory default eyepieces (10mm PLOSSL and 26mm PLOSSL) and i would like to buy a new eyepiece. Since i live in a big city and light pollution is a pain in the ass and im not too much in too much planet observation (and i think that even a 10mm with barlow x2 is decent for that) i ld like to buy something around 12mm-16mm. I found baader hyperion zoom 8-24mm very interesting and also the televue click-stop but i think hyperion is better. Also celestron's ULTIMA LX, 13 mm, Ø 50,8mm/ Ø 31,8mm but kinda expensive, NAGLER 13mm, type 6, Ø 31,8mm and one more interesting model is vixen's LVW, LANTHANUM 13mm, Ø 31.8mm (VX3896). So what should i choose? :S

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All the eyepieces you list are a big improvement over the stock eyepieces that come with the scope. I'm a fan of the Naglers so I'd recommend a Nagler 13mm T6 - it works superbly in that scope (and many others !). At 16mm the William Optics UWAN is very Nagler-like and a bit cheaper. I've not tried an Ulitma LX so can't comment on that. The Hyperion 13mm has a good reputation and the Vixen LVW's are similarly very good as well (I've tried the LVW 22mm).

With a dobsonian there is an advantage with the ultra-wide fields of vew that the Naglers and UWAN's offer as objects stay in the field of view for longer, and remain sharp as they drift across it - thats what I've found at least. The Hyperions / Vixen LVW's offer a wide, rather than ultra-wide field of view which is also nice. I'm not a fan of zooms myself - the fields of view are generally too narrow for my taste.


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