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Dew strap and metal dew shields?

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1 hour ago, 10-7 said:

I have a apertura AD10" dob scope I live in mid Michigan, it gets cold up here ! Do I need to use a dew strap on my scope dew can be heavy up here,patio table can be very wet  ?

For a dob, a wrap-around shield to give the secondary a little more cover is a no-brainer in my view; straps don't tend to really help, since the optics are decoupled from the outer tube. Big dobs can benefit from primary heating, but realistically if the primary's dewed up your conditions are probably poor enough to not be worth it. Glue-on secondary heaters can be a useful addition but definitely try passive methods (shields) before you muck about with that, since getting the wiring onto the spider without causing issues can be fiddly.

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