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Tele Vue 102 (f8.6 ) 4" Refractor - Second hand price?

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Hi Stargazers,

Would anyone with experience please advise me on the second hand value of my Tele Vue 102 (f8.6) 4" refractor?

The OTA plus optics are in mint condition. It also comes with options for either dovetail or Losmandy mountings, the Tele Vue Starbeam red dot finder, the Tele Vue Everbrite 2" diagonal and a Tele Vue hard carry case.

 Of course I have the price I paid for it in October 2014 to guide me. Before I purchased it, it had one previous careful owner.


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I don't think that scopes depreciate as much in subsequent second hand sales.  For a scope going from brand new to second hand, the general rule is around 2/3 of retail, or 33% price drop.  Moving down the chain, I'm willing to bet that going from one second hand owner to another, the depreciation will be less, probably no more than 10%??

You can probably sell it for within 10% of what you paid, especially a premium scope like this. 

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Very nice scope I’m sure. From what I’ve seen Televue scope tend to depreciate more than others, partly due to their higher price over here than in the US I think. That said, I would agree that there should be comparatively little further depreciation since you had it; hard to put a figure on it but the scopes are pretty bomb proof so as long as it is still in good nick I would use your purchase price as a guide.

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