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ASCOM for the EQM 35 pro


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Has anyone had any experience installing ASCOM driver onto the EQM 35 pros SynScan hand controller for using with PHD2?  I'm watching a tutorial using PHD2 and the chap is using ASCOM for connecting his computer to his guide camera instead of using a cable.  So the computer becomes the middle man instead of the mount.



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I use it with my EQ5 mount.

I got an EQDIR cable from FLO, which connects to a USB port on the laptop and replaces the hand controller on the mount. It just plug into the hand controller port. 

With the ASCOM drivers installed for your mount, you then install EQMOD and PDH2 will guide the mount direct using the HEQ5 setting for the mount instead of using the On Camera setting if you use the ST4 cable.

The other advantage to using ASCOM and EQMOD is that it will also talk to APT and CdC or Stellarium.

I use CdC which connects to the mount via EQMOD, slew to a bright star close where I want to image so I can focus the camera (I'm currently using a DSLR). Then start APT and take a shot so I can Plate Solve the location and get APT to slew to my target.

Once on target I start PHD2 and get it to calibrate and start guiding, then start the image plan in APT and go and have a coffee. :D

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Got it to work, I can now control my mount via my laptop in PHD2 using ASCOM. 

I have a usb to B2 cable which I needed to update the drivers on the handset so I just use that for my laptop to control my mount in PHD2.  It's s bit windy tonight, but I might still take the trig out and practice polar alignment using SharpCap and maybe see how the guiding is. 

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