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Hi guys,

I am a newbie on this forum, this is my first topic here but I would like to show you my recent planetary imaging results. I started to catch the planets with a dedicated planetary camera last month but never thought that a small 4" Maksutov can show such small details. The equpment I used:

  • SW 102/1300 Maksutov
  • 2.25x Q-turret Barlow lens
  • QHY5L-II color camera
  • EQ-3 GOTO mount

All the images were taken on differend countrysides in Hungary. I hope you will like it :)

Also, please share your images taken with similar OTA, I'd like to learn some tricks from others as well :) 


Jupiter's 15 minutes of rotation. Captured with Firecapture, processed in AS!3, Registax and WinJUPOS (2020.08.21)



Saturn, 1 hours stacked with AS!3, processed in Registax (2020.09.05)



Mars, 3 hours of rotation. Captured with Firecapture, stacked with AS!3, processed in Registax. (2020.08.22)



Mars again, 5 minutes stacked in AS!3, processed in Registax. You can see also Olympus Mons and Arsia Mons next to the terminator :) (2020.09.05)



Finally, a result of a Hungarian star party where I learned how to use properly my equipment :) This time I borrowed an ADC for Saturn.



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