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Mars 22 September

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Images taken between 03:01 & 03:52 this morning. 

C9.25; CGEM; ASI385MC; ZWO ADC; ES 3x Telextender; Baader neodymium filter.


AutoStakkert!3; RegiStax6; PS CS4 Extended.

Socially distanced comments/suggestions welcomed as always.

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Thanks Pete. I did runs of 5000 frames, captured at about 45 fps, with an ROI of 400 x 400 pixels. I'm not at my PC so that's from  memory.

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Nice images there Bryan, you might be able to get the frame rate up without the Neodynium filter.  The SPC looks great and very nicely controlled, wonder if the filter helps with that actually?

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Thanks Craig. Although we live on the outskirts of a large town, our street lights go off at about 01:00;  so trying without the filter might be a good idea.

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Very pleasing images some nice detail to further tease out, definitely worth a reprocess! 😉

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Thanks Simon. Yes, they were a quick process as I was very tired that evening, only having had 4 hours sleep from 05:00 that morning. Good job I'm on holiday this week! I might stack all the images and do a de-rotate in WinJupos.

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