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Hi all,Thought i would just mection a strategic space simulation game that we and my school mates play.It`s really adictive you get your own planet and your build stuff on it and you attack other peeps planets.you can get other planets by making a colony ship.if any of you fancy playing it.it`s http://www.ogame.org when you register choose universe 3 cause that`s the one i`m in and i will help you out my name is The Love Machine.hope to see some of you there.

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Can't go into it too much at this stage... a long term buddy (and god parent to my kids) is currently plugging away at coding all this to his SQL sever to get the thing up and running.

I will have 256 galaxy's with intergrated system's alowing users to use jump gates... buy / build space stations, trade etc,etc.

Its been a long complex project...

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Be glad to see there... maybe a while yet for version 1. I was rather hoping you would all would register to test it out!. :)

Its all real time and will run 24hrs a day... we hope it will grow over the years!... of course there will be a free banner to advertise our great forum  :)

I will keep you posted!.


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