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Another Great Mars view

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Mars last night was yet again quite amazing, with detail solidly etched onto its disk. The seeing was steady from the start with just a touch of wobble at higher powers, but at only X160 everything that could be seen was seen. Tonight I used a Baader BBHS Prism instead of viewing directly through the scope as I did the previous night, so the view is mirrored. The prism was at an angle hence the south being uppermost. It makes things interesting/confusing, (as you can see after i messed my orientation up and had to cover it with a sticker); but I just sketch as I see it through the eyepiece. ☺



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Another fine sketch Mike. I was out about the same time as you and had the best views yet during this apparition.  The atmosphere  was steady and calm which makes all the difference, Sinus Sabaeus appearing noticeably darker & sharp in detail compared to the other albedo features.

I found best views were between 200x - 225x through my FC-100DL & 3-6 NZ with regular tweaks on the FT focuser as suggested by yourself I think?

Below a Mars Mapper image of last night about 11.00 pm ish.




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4 hours ago, BRADLEY 1953 said:

Another great sketch Mike. I went to bed relatively early last night at ( 12.40am ) and thus missed out on Mars, because I wanted to get up at 5 am to go deer watching.  Cheers Chris.

You may have missed a treat last night Chris, assuming your local seeing was up to it. Your love of counting wildlife may have cost you deerly. Sorry! 😉

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13 minutes ago, JeremyS said:

Super drawing,  @mikeDnight

I note that you have been using cyclops mode for your recent drawings. Are you also using your binoviewers?

I used binos and cyclops last night. The former are great for relaxed loooong views of the planet.

Hi Jeremy,

Mainly Cyclops viewing during the last two nights while making the sketches with a 5mm Ultrascopic  and 3.4mm Vixen HR, but I have also used the binoviewer with a 2X Ultima barlow and pair of 18mm Ultima eyepieces. Awesome!  ☺

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Lovely sketch, Mike.

I'm itching to get another shot at Mars but it's been all clouds since last week. All I'm seeing are posts from people saying how the past few days have been the best so far!

I have a new EP. New filter. And I've sharpened my pencil!


C'mon the sky!

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