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Oh how I’ve missed this.


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So I’ve been away from astronomy after having a serious kneed injury and just being busy with general life. Today it was the first time in ages that I wasn’t doing anything and it was a clear night. I didn’t have any targets in mind but I had just bought a  Explorer Scientific 68 degree 24mm from FLO and wanted to try it out. At first I was just moving my dob aimlessly around the sky and just enjoying it and I suddenly came across a big circle of light and it was Saturn! I’d only seen it once before but the views were great with the 24mm I could make out the rings quite clearly and the views were very sharp.

Then I noticed right next door was was Jupiter ( my favourite planet) and I could see all of its moons and see each band clearly even with the low power and could just make out the red dot. I must’ve spent a good half an hour or so looking at it as I was just blown away. Tried to find Andromeda as it’s one of my favourite galaxy’s to observe but unfortunately no luck. Was a nice short session and good way to get be back into it!

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